““WOW Your Friends, Family, & Clients With These Wonderful Winter Cakes!””


Everything You Need To Know To Create These Wonderful, Whimsical, Winter Cakes!

Wanna take your cake decorating to the next level? These cakes will help you turn heads!



How great would it feel to be comfortable and skilled at creating these Winter Cakes?


Here are a few cakes that were made using these techniques:



The “Wonderful, Whimsical, Winter Cakes” Quick Feedback Program includes 3 training modules, over 3 weeks, that will teach you the techniques you need so you can confidently create these head-turning, eye-popping cakes that people will want to photograph, pin and share.


Over the course of three weekly lessons, we will take you step by step through every stage of the process - from beginning to end. 


All classes are delivered via prerecorded videos, PDF Resource Guides, and other supporting materials. 


The Curriculum Includes:


3 Weeks of Interactive Support & Encouragement From A YummyArts Professional Cake Coach ($375.00 Value) Click Here to learn more about our coaches!

Project #1:


  • “Chilly Buddy” Penguin Cake


    World-Class cake decorator, Tami Utley, teaches you how to make this delightful Penguin cake. It’s adorable, and it’s super easy to make!


Project #2:


  • “Fred & Ginger Bread” Cakes


    Susan Carberry shows you how to create gingerbread CAKES! You get the same gingerbread cookie charm, and the ability to feed your whole party!


Project #3:


  • “Frosting The Snowman” Cake


    This fun winter cake fits the bill for many different occasions - from a school event to an office party to a church or charity event - the possibilities are endless!


And you’ll have the benefit of our professional cake coaches’ expertise and experience to answer every single one of your questions along the way!


3 Weeks of personal support, help, and guidance from one of our professional Cake Coaches ($375 value)

3 Professional Video Courses that you can watch as many times as you like for as long as you’re a member ($74.85 value)

Total Value: $449.85


How Much Will This Cost?


Similar, all inclusive, training programs sell for hundreds of dollars, but you can enroll in the “Wonderful, Whimsical, Winter Cakes” Quick Feedback Program for the low price of



FREE when you join YummyArts for only $19.95 per month! (Cancel Anytime!)

Click Here to sign up for the 3-Week Quick Feedback Program only $37

Click Here to join YummyArts for only $19.95
(Feel free to join YummyArts for just the Quick Feedback Program and cancel afterwards!)


Here’s how it will work:


You will be assigned a “Cake Coach” who will be your personal go-to pro decorator. They will be ready, willing, and able to help you by answering your specific questions about everything in the course material!


All students and coaches will have an easy, and private way to communicate with each other online via Private Facebook Event. (All you need is a computer and a Facebook account.)


On your first day of class, you’ll get access to your Video Course. You’ll be asked to watch the video at your convenience, create your project, and send pictures and questions to your coach for feedback by the end of the following weekend.


You’ll repeat this process for each project, watching the videos at your convenience, creating your project, and sending pictures and questions to your coach for feedback by the end of the following weekend.

What time is the Quick Feedback Program scheduled?

This Quick Feedback Program begins on Dec. 2nd, at 9:00 am, but you do not have to be anywhere in particular at any specific time! 

The first module materials are already in the YummyArts Library and on the module page. So, they'll be available for you to access whenever it's convenient for you! If you’d like to participate along with the rest of the registered members, start making the first project on Dec. 2nd.

The next module’s materials are already in the YummyArts Library and on the module page, but again, you do NOT need to be anywhere at a specific time.   

We will send the invitation (to the private Facebook event) to the email address on your order.

Again, the event invitation will show the "start time" of 9:00 am, but you don’t have to be there then!

You will have plenty of time for Q&A with your coach throughout the interactive workshop. And you can ask them questions, every single day if you wish ­- asking questions and getting the answers you need is one of the best things about this program!

What tools will be needed for these projects?

(You will need to provide your own tools. Tools are not supplied with the course. Click here to see the list.)


Here’s the beauty of this…


Each Video Course in this program comes with a Resource Guide with links to all of the tools used in that project.


You may ask your Cake Coach questions about the course material, every day if you like, for three solid weeks!


The doors to the “Wonderful, Whimsical, Winter Cakes” training program are now open, so if you’re interested, you might not want to waste any time – sign up right now.

We look forward to working with you in the program!




P.S. A word of advice – if you want this, you should move fast. Our Quick Feedback Programs are extremely popular, and fill up quickly!


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